Barry Peck

Singer/Songwriter/Square Dance Caller

I have been writing and singing gospel music for more than forty years. The Lord inspired me to write many songs over the years, which He used to strengthen and encourage me in my daily life. He has also allowed me to sing these songs to others who have been blessed by them. Most of my songs were inspired by God's Word (which never comes back void) so I know they were meant to be heard by others.

With so many songs, and the years passing so quickly, the Lord put it in my heart to do something with all this music He gave me. I decided the best way to share this music on a larger scale is to make the songs available on the internet. I am starting this website with the hopes that people will be blessed, encouraged, and find strength in this ever-changing and challenging world.

I hope you enjoy the songs you hear and I pray the Lord will bless you with the music and lyrics inspired by His Word!

Barry Peck, singer, songwriter, square dance caller






"I will sing a new song unto Thee, O God;   

upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten  

strings will I sing praises unto Thee."    

Psalm 144:9